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The Jack Hammer slot has become one of the most popular online slots around and is offered by various different online casino providers. The slot Jack Hammer was first introduced by NetEntertainment on 20th February 2012 and from the first day it has been a success and enjoyed by many players now. The reason the slot is such a success is because it awards many prizes and not just small prizes either but large ones as well. This makes the slot very enjoyable to play and from a player point of view exciting because the ‘big’ can come at any time. The high standard of graphics and steady game play assures any player that the slot has been made by a solid game provider which translates into trust from players. There is a site dedicated to only NetEnt game as well as the Jack hammer slot: www.netentcasinos.com.

Play Jackhammer Slot Now

Like all NetEntertainment slots the Jack Hammer slot can be played for free and for as long as any player may wish. This free game experience allows everyone to play the slot and get acquainted with the many different features that are offered. The free mode on the Jack Hammer slot is exactly the same as the real money mode so the payout percentage and the whole experience are all the same. This means that the game has not been manipulated in any way to either give larger prizes or more free spins.

Jack Hammer Free Spins

As stated earlier the Jackhammer slot offers free spins which are activated by five or more free spin symbols. These symbols can fall at any time and even numerous times after each other which again makes the slot so very popular. When the free spins have been activated on the Jack Hammer a minimum of 10 free spins will be awarded. 10 is the minimum but can quickly add up to a maximum of 30 free spins with more symbols. The free spins on the Jack Hammer does not just offer free games but at the same time all prizes will be trebled by the multiplier which is standard. The free spins mode on the slot are the feature that offers the most potential for the largest wins and is therefore the most sought after feature by all players which is very understandable.

Slot Coin Value

Like most online slot games the Jack Hammer offers game play from as little as 0.01 pence per bet which can go up to 1 pound. These are only the coin values which can then be reflected back to the number of win lines you may want which in turn make your total bet per spin. The Jack Hammer slot offers an amazing 25 win lines which makes it very interesting as nearly every one in three combinations is a winning combination. It is probably clear by now but still for the sake of saying it, the more win lines you bet with and the higher the coin value the bigger the prize is going to be when you have a correct combination of symbols.

Symbols and Value

The symbols on the Jack Hammer slot are just like all slots around the world, every symbol has a different value. The symbols that are not as common on a reel are the ones that give the biggest prizes. This in turn means that symbols that are very common on a reel give smaller prizes and obviously appear more often. The jackpot or biggest prize to be won on the Jack Hammer slot is when a winning combination of all symbols are Jack Hammer symbols. This means that every symbol is a Jackhammer symbol which will result in hundreds of thousands of coins and the coin value depends on your bet obviously.

Jack Hammer Sticky Win

This is what makes the online slot so immensely popular, the sticky wins. This is when a winning combination drops in and gives a prize. This is when the sticky win comes into play and all the reels are spun again apart from the winning combination. This means that your already won prize can only get bigger and better as more of the correct symbols have a chance to drop into the right spots. click

The sticky win feature of the Jack Hammer is quite unique and is not that popular yet with other online slots. This is only a question of time because it is a loved feature by many slots players and the feature that makes the game so fun and enjoyable to play.