Jack Hammer Slot Symbols

All the different Jack Hammer slot symbols can be found on this page of the site including what they are worth if and when they come in. The symbols have been put here in no particular order so it is not he highest paying at the top. Go through them and see which symbol pays the most and even the least as this will be the symbol you will be seeing the most of when playing the game.

Dr. Evil

This is the symbol for the famous Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil is a good symbol in the Jack Hammer slot game as it is worth quite a bit, to be exact 300 coins per win line of five. This means that the maximum payout or maximum that you can win with the Dr. evil symbol is 25 win lines times 300 which is a staggering 7,500 coins.

Drive by Shooting

This symbol on the slot is not that common but at the same time it is not the least common symbol. The Drive by Shooting symbol is good for 100 coins per five on a win line. This then results in a total of 2,500 coins when the whole screen is covered in this symbol and you are playing the normal game so not in the free spins mode.

Jack Hammer Symbol

This is the symbol that we all want, the Jack Hammer symbol because it gives the highest payout and is basically the best one to have. If you get your whole screen full of Jack Hammer’s then you are looking at a payout of 1,000 coins per line with results in a total payout of 25,000 coins. This is only for the normal game as if this were to happen while playing the free spins game you would be looking at a win of 75,000 coins which to say the least is rather exciting!

Lady Symbol

Just like every good story or cartoon there has to be a damsel in distress so why would this be different in with the Jack Hammer slot? The Lady symbol is again a nice one to have as it will give good money. It is not the best or even will not give you the jackpot but a full screen of these women is well worth your while. The exact amount is 250 coins per win line of five and again with a maximum of 25 win lines it can potentially give you 6,250 coins in one spin which again is not bad at all when it comes to online slots.

Newspaper Symbol

This is one of the more common symbols in the slot and a lot of the prizes come from the Newspaper. This means that the payout is not great but can still be interesting if you get a full screen. The payout for a line of five is 75 coins with then result is a 1,875 coin payout when the screen is full of Newspaper symbols.

Paperboy Symbol

The Paperboy is an interesting symbol as it does not appear that often at all but then still does not have such an amazing high payout which one might expect. Do not get it wrong, we are still looking at a payout of 200 coins per win line of five but for a symbol that does not come around that often we would expect a little more. A full screen of these Paperboys will however give you a good 6,000 coins which can not be complained about.

Telephone Symbol

Nearly the worst symbol to get is the the Telephone symbol. This is the second least paying symbol and awards every player with 50 coins for every line of five. A full screen with fifteen of these puppies awards you with a win of 1,250 coins which still is not bad but without a doubt we would all rather have a full screen of Jack Hammer symbols.

Toxic Symbol

Just like in all video slots there has to a best symbol and a worst symbol and this Toxic symbol is indeed the worst. A line of five will give you 40 coins and a full screen with 15 of these is good for a mere 1,000 coins during the normal game and in the free spins mode 3,000 coins.

Zeppelin Symbol

The Zeppelin symbol has the highest value of the lower paying symbols. This means that a win line of five will pay 125 coins which again a full screen will pay you 3,125 coins. The Zeppelin is good to get and even comes around quite often when playing the free spins mode which is then good for 9,375 which can not be complained about, right?

Sticky Win Symbol

This symbol appears when a winning combination has come into the screen and is going to stick while all other symbols have another chance of falling into place. The Sticky Win symbol is explained in more depth on this page of the site where you can read exactly why it is so much fun and exciting.

Free Spin Symbol

This symbol is a bit like the Jack Hammer symbol as it is not seen a lot but if you get them then you are in for some fun. The big difference here with this symbol is that they DO NOT need to be on a win line. The free Spin symbols can be anywhere in the screen to count and even better, the Sticky Win applies to this even if three symbols are underneath each other. As soon as there are three of these Free Spin symbols anywhere on the screen the Sticky Win feature will kick in and hold them while all the other symbols do second spin. As you can see, the more Free Spin symbols you can collect the more Free Spins you will be awarded in the Free Spins feature of Jack Hammer where all prizes are multiplied by three!