Jack Hammer Sticky Win

The Jack Hammer slot sticky win is probably the greatest feature of the game and can result in very large wins for any feature which appears. The sticky win feature only requires one winning line from the 25 lines to start it off which in effect means three symbols starting from the left and in actual fact the 25 winning lines are so arranged that as long as you have the first two left hand symbols on a line the third symbol can be anywhere on the three centre reels to trigger the win.

Once a win has been triggered of any sort, the Jack Hammer sticky win feature holds those winning reels. Unlike many casino slots which only have 5 reels where it is impossible to hold individual features the Jack Hammer slot has 15 individual reels where one symbol from each reel is visible on the screen which means that any combination of reels can be held so if a win is three reels those are held but if it is more reels then those are held. Once the sticky win is triggered the winning reels will be held and all remaining reels will be spun again. If this results in a further win which it invariably does then the process repeats itself until no more winning symbols are uncovered.

For example when you play Jack Hammer slot if you start with three “Newspaper” symbols in a row on the top line then a fourth “Newspaper” symbol will increase the win as long as it appears on one of the 25 winning lines. This might be another symbol on the middle or bottom lines of the centre column which would give you two winning lines of three symbols each or it might be on the top line again which would give you four in a row. Whichever it is as long as a different win is triggered all winning reels are held and the remainder are spun again. You may also find for example that instead of a fourth “Newspaper” symbol appearing you find another win with three or more completely different Jack Hammer slot symbols but this will still count as winning reels and will be held.

This Jack Hammer sticky win feature clearly provides a great chance to get at least one line of five across the reels which is the higher payout but as the re-spins continue until there are no more new wins it is very possible to have all 15 reels with the same symbol giving 25 winning lines of 5 symbols each so even with the “Newspaper” symbols which are one of the least paying at 75 credits for 5 in a row you end up with 1875 credits and for Jack Hammer himself for which 5 in a row pays 1000 credits you would end up winning 25000 credits.

Do not forget that the “wild” features also come into play with the Jack Hammer sticky win feature and as they can substitute for any feature except the free spins, they can actually be involved in different winning lines by representing different symbols at the same time making it much easier to reach the 5 in a row target. The sticky win feature as it is in the Jack Hammer slot is not possible on regular 5 reel slots even though some claim to have it as they are holding the complete reel. The Jackhammer slot spins all reels not involved in the win again giving a great chance of an increased win.

As mentioned on other pages the Jack Hammer free spins are also considered wins as far as the sticky wins are concerned so if three free spin time bombs feature anywhere on the 15 reels, the sticky win starts and although the free spins have no monetary value on their own there are 12 more chances of a fourth free spin symbol which if it does will then also be held and the rest spun again. Although a minimum of 5 free spin symbols are required to trigger the free spin rounds the sticky wins feature does not stop there so even if you already have 5 free spin symbols accumulated through sticky wins the remaining reels will still be spun again to give you the chance of more free spins. There are so many ways to accumulate when you play Jack Hammer slot.